Deng Xaioping. T he basic aim was to reduce the amount of people residing in China by the year 2000. The government did this by putting up propergandas brain-washing people making them think that they aren’t the only ones with one child. This is the truth however these citizens deserve their freedom and not all agree. The government is also write in its own way as if this carried on in the future there would be a lack of resources such as uel, and even food to distribute evenly and keep at a cost most people can afford.

A variety of incentives and disincentives have been designed which do give the only children a better lifestyle and future but for those who disobey the rule a financial penalty or compensation fee has to be given. Those parents willing to have one child are given a 10% bonus in their annual salary. Further more their child is given free education and healthcare services. This may include a regular midwife coming and hecking up on your baby seeing if he/she is 0k and their are no health problems regarding them.

It will also mean those particular children can have a respectable education. (which most rural citizens aren’t given). On the other hand the parents who dont think they are being given and so have another child are forced to either kill or dump their child either it will be taken away from them. If it isn’t this then the government will have their timber, crops or expensive possessions taken away from hem.

For those who allow this to happen to keep their child they have to eat basic food-like bowls of porridge and live a very unrespectable and dull life. It isn’t fair for many however the government are thinking of the future and to keep China residents healthy and have their “tummy full” it is essential some regulations are made. To consider other people views though they could have a vote in which rural and urban citizens decide what they want to do

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