Censorship is defined as the suppression of speech or other public communication which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by a government, media outlet or other controlling body. According to Denby, his main issue with censorship is with the media and how it affects our society, especially the younger generations. Denby makes things today seem responsible for the way that they are because of media’s portrayal of teenage life. As Denby states in his “Avalanche” essay, he gives various reasons as to why our ociety has been crushed by the avalanche of crud.

Denby starts off discussing about censorship in the past such as the V-chip for parental blocks on the television for children. He states that pop culture has “invaded their homes, and the habits, manners and souls of their children”. By that statement, Denby strongly believes that no matter what the show or form of social media, it has a bad message to it. Parents who enjoy their fair share of pop even believe that “they are being made fools of”, but in a way, it is not a huge deal since the adults choose to listen to the pop and the real eanings of the music and true portrayals of the social media.

Denby also talks about how there are children who can name various characters in movies that have not been aired yet and states that “Disney already claimed her”. By that statement Denby is showing how getting information from other generations that are in the “crud” of pop culture can take over the mind of someone as young as a three year old little girl. Denby also uses examples such as commercials starring Jim Carrey and his ketchup vulgar commercial, and shows such as “Beavis and Butthead”, and teenage dating shows.

The dating shows basically portrays that the opposite sex is a prize and showing yourself off the most will get you what you want. Although Denby has strong examples as to why society would be corrupted by the social media “crud”, there are many arguments that can be made to oppose his statements. As for the little girl who was “taken over by Disney’, even though there was evidence that made her memorize characters of a movie, it really is not that bad of a trait. Memorization can always be turned into a positive aspect of a person.

For example, if a child was highly interested in a topic, they will gain more knowledge of he topic and in the future, for school subjects if the child was interested it is more likely that they will do better in that subject because of their interest in it. Denby also gives a slight background of what kind of social environment he is in, such as his friends and living area. He states that his friends are “well-educated New Yorkers, who are privileged”. That statement about himself alone gives off a sensation that he is “stuck up”, and thinks that he knows everything.

It is completely fine that he has such a strong belief that social media is “crud” and corrupting our generations, but at he same time Denby stated himself that he is well educated and privileged. Generally, people who are well off and earned their way up like to think that they know everything about any topic. I agree with Denby to a certain extent of his argument, but at the same time his arguments are scenarios of the worst possible situations. For example, there are consumed of constant swearing and profanity, but Just because a child watches it does not mean that they will take the words and use them themselves.

Another example is that when I was younger, my step brother constantly listened to rap music ith profanity every other word, but at the same time I knew that the words did not have good meanings to them. My final example would be my cousins. They play video games twenty four, seven and are sucked into the war and violence games. Video games today are very morbid and show blood, shooting, and excessive amounts of weapons. Yes, there are many arguments towards video games that can rebuttal this thought such as: people killing or robbing banks because they did it in the video game.

But, at the same time, when these people had their trials on the crimes that hey blamed on video games, the court generally found the suspect to be also mentally ill. Therefore, it is not completely the video game that makes them corrupt, it is their own mental activity. In all, Denby believes that social media, mainly television has corrupted the generation’s minds. He stated ideas such as being all for having parental blocks on the television, and Disney “taking over” young minds at such young ages. I believe that although some social media can have a bad effect on the generation, not all young children are getting corrupted by these ideas.

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