There are five main facts on students who drop out. First the main two factors that affects the students ability to graduate from high school. One of the main factors is the socioeconomic status of the families. Students also drop out of school do to individual and contextual factors such as attitudes and behavior. And the two main consequences of leaving school early and not graduation, such as limited Job opportunities and the probability of being incarcerated.

And the last fact what minority group is affected the most. Students of low income families are five times more likely to drop out of high school than students from high income families. Poverty triples the chance of a student of leaving school early. Another link between family income and high school graduation is that children who live in poverty and read below grade level by third grade are three times as likely not to graduate from high school as students who were born in families with income above poverty level.

Individual and contextual factors are another reason why students drop of school, uch as attitudes, behavior, school performance, and student prior experience. Students often leave school because of school, family, or work responsibilities. For example low education aspirations, moving from school to work, not passing a grade, suspension, and pregnancy are among the contributors to the decision to leave school. Students who not finish high school limit their ability to find a Job that will allow them to earn enough to support a family and live comfortably.

That is the reason why the U. S Department of Education expects high schools to prepare all tudents for college or career readiness, which does not always require a four year degree. Another consequence of leaving school early is the chance to be incarcerated, compared to their peers who earn a diploma. Students who drop out are disproportionately the students who are punished by school authorities. This practice have contributed to the disproportionate number of minorities males who are suspended and expelled from school, often on their way to prison.

Dropout rates have the greatest negative impact on African American and Hispanics students. African Americans and Latinos males in some urban areas have only a 50 – 50 change of graduation from high school in four years. There seems to be a relationship between graduation and the discipline gab, which has the greatest negative impact on students from low income families and African American and Hispanic students. The main problem is that this factors interrupt school and the learning process of students who already have a disadvantage in life or academically. Drop Out Students By ferminl 234

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