“There’s No Breaking True Love” Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a movie written by Charlie Kaufman, shows the true power of love. The two characters, Joel and Clementine take drastic actions to forget each other, but are brought back together. No matter what happens, true love will always find a way to work out. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a story about true love and how two soul mates cannot stay away from each other. Joel and Clementine meet on a train that just left Montauk. They seem to have this connection right away.

Clementine acts very pen to him for Just meeting him. She sits next to him and asks him personal questions. Joel almost seems bothered by her or thinks she’s strange for what she is saying to him, but yet it seems like he doesn’t want her to leave him alone. Joel drives Clementine home from the train station and she invites him in her house. Clementine snuggles up to him and tells him they are going to get married. This is very strange for two people who Just met, but it turns out they already knew and loved each other before this.

They were in a relationship but when things got bad hey erased each other from their memory at a special place that can erase someone from your mind. They fall in love again and when they started to fight Joel went to Clementine’s Job, but she didn’t know who he was. Joel found out Clementine deleted him from so he did the same. Joel thinks he wants to erase her but as he’s getting the procedure done he wishes he could hold onto the memories of Clementine and tries anything he can to keep them. A guy, Patrick, who helped with the procedures used their memories to make Clementine fall in love with him.

Joel and Clementine end up eeting again, but this time they find out they already had all this history that they deleted from their minds. They decide to try and work it out again. This movie shows that no matter what happens true love will always find a way to work out. Joel and Clementine not only broke up multiple times, they got each other erased from their memories and still managed to meet and fall in love. We know they are soul mates by how Joel acted when his memories were deleted, and how Clementine acted when Patrick tried to reenact Joel and Clementine memories. It is etter to have loved and then lost to have never loved at all,” this is a famous quote that Alfred Lord Tennyson once said that many people live by. Joel realized this while his memories were getting erased. He tried so hard to keep them, because he didn’t want to forget the good times. He was grateful for them and at least wanted to retain them instead of not remembering what they went through. To try and save Clementine in his mind, he Jumped to old memories, and even woke himself up which was very rare to do, the people doing the procedure had never seen that before.

Clementine was dating Patrick and one night they went to a frozen lake and Patrick said the exact same thing Joel said when they were at the same location. Something clicked in Clementine’s mind that what she had with Patrick was not right. subconsciously say in their mind, “Meet me in Montauk. ” This is because they remember to go there since that is where they originally met, now that is where they continue to meet for the “first time. ” The power of love is so strong even after deleting each other they still somehow love each other, and they are never truly happy or complete unless they are with each other.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind shows how important true love is. Watching Joel be as upset as he was while Clementine was getting erased from his memory proves that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. You should be happy you were able to experience what you’ve been through. Love is stronger than any procedure and can overcome many obstacles. True love will always find a way to work out, that’s why if you love something set it free, if it comes back it was meant to be. This is exactly what has happened to these soul mates in the movie, they always found their way back.

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