Increasing Gasoline Is the Best Choice Almira Fidela Artha Faculty of Culture studies, BrawiJaya University [email protected] com on the Issue Increasing gasoline price, I agree with certain reasons. First, by Increasing gasoline price we can allocate our fund In the various fields, such us our infrastructure, education, health, etc. As we all know that Indonesia’s gasoline price is cheaper than the other country because there is a government subsidy. But the subsidy being blunder for us because not only people in lower class but also people n upper class using this subsidy.

Our Minister of the Economy, Hatta Rajasa, c„d that government action to raise tuel prices Is a good solution to make this subsidies right on target. second, the Impact of Increasing world 011 price make the government takes this policy. President Susllo Bambeng Yudhoyono has said, the gasoline price assumption in AP3N 2012 must be adjusted, the government no longer possible to assign gasoline price of Indonesia (ICP) U. S. $ 90 per barrel, because the ICP price now exceeds U. S. $ 115 per barrel.

We must be able to realistic, every rupiahs spent on gasoline subsidies, actually could be used for something more useful to build our Infrastructure. on contrary, some people do not agree wlth this Issue because they assumed that by Increasing gasoline price can lead us chain effect, such as poverty, social conflict, and also Increasing the number of our unemployment. It can be true by increasing gasoline price can lead us to face the other problems. However, in APBN 2005, fuel subsidies reached Rp95, 6 trillion.

Meanwhile, the APBN 2012 welled up to Rp123, 6 trillion If we do not raise the price of gasoline while oil prices continue to increase. our nation will tace more problems. Then, we have to remember that every problem always have solution. To solve this problem we must optimize our natural resources by making alternative fuel. Alternative fuel Is d good alternative to solve this problem wisely. We can do socialization Into every area in Indonesia just like we did in the replacement of kerosene into LPG. In short, increasing gasoline price is needed by using alternative fuel as the best choice.

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