Is America really the land of the free? Ever since we were children we have been molded by society. At the store with our parents we wanted them to get us that “cool” toy that lights up and makes generic noises. When they said “no”, we were furious. The frustration of these incidents created a false hate for our own loving parents. Now we know of coarse that our parents didn’t hate us, they Just couldn’t afford to buy the toy. Even though they worked every day for us, they still couldn’t afford it.

When we were a little older we started to grasp this concept. This is when we realized that we needed money to buy things. If you have enough money, you can get your hands on whatever you want. This realization got us looking for Jobs. In this paper I will ask the question “Are we free? ” and argue some of my thoughts on how multiple institutions of society can have such a large impact on our lives. Money rules everything. There is no doubt about it. If you want to eat tonight (in the city) you need to have money.

If you want a new home you have to borrow money to get it. Even If you Just want to go to school to get a diploma to be hired to a Job that you hope in the long run will pay you more money, you have to borrow money. This is like how the overnment borrows money from the Federal Reserve. Accept the government hasn’t been out of debt since 1835. They Just keep going further and further under. But that’s a different story. My point in the subject of money is that money is what everyone is working for.

Everyone is out spending their day doing something they would probably not like to be doing Just so they can get more money! Where does money come from and how do some people have so much more than others? The Federal Reserve is the central bank that the United States government refers to for its money. For example if the government needs 20 million dollars it ontacts the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve will print the money for the government. In turn the government sells the fed 20 million dollars in government bonds.

Instantly there is more spending money in the government’s accounts. What this does to the dollar is not so great. With more money created out of thin air the purchasing power of each individual dollar goes down. This process is called inflation. Since the Federal Reserve came into existence there has been a 96% devaluation of the dollar in 94 years. All that money is is debt. This leads me to my argument. How are we free if all we do is work for money if oney is constantly going down in value? In theory, at this rate one day we WILL be working for no money at all.

This is also known as slavery. This brings up another point. If taking 100% of the product of someone’s labor is slavery, at what percent is it not slavery? There are too many places to go with this argument but unfortunately the page only has a few lines left. I must say that the economic system is set to fail. If we take the easy way like “cattle” as I remember a student in class referring modern humans too, and Just conform then we are screwed. If we the people do not change the society, nobody will. By duluthsk8er

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