Rationale of the Study We all know that nowadays people loves to try eating new style of foods. Wraps is one of the new snacks that the Carolinian Entrepreneur Students are selling. Everyday there are students who loves to drop by in their food stall Just to eat. As we were observing these students who purchase, they always have their satisfaction faces while eating the food. And so, it shows that the students of the University really liked the product. This is the reason why we chose Wraps as our topic.

Then this is a healthy and affordable snack. There might be other business establishment similar to it but Wraps is sure to be a healthy on-the-go snack food, it is packed with healthy ingredients and is handy, the easier to eat especially when people are in a hurry. Aside from Bananarific and other food stalls, Wraps is also one of the best student enterprises in the University. Not only that, we researchers also got interested with our chosen food product because of its style, taste and how it was made.

We can ctually say that the price does matter when it comes to buying a certain food, but with Wraps the price is much worth it. In addition to this, we can really overview that Filipinos loves to discover new foods and how it tastes goes like. Need of the Study As a University student, it is very important for us to learn the new products that are healthy for our bodies. We have to understand the benefits of it and why those entrepreneur students chose to sell this kind of product. Every student loves to try what is something new.

Who would even want to be left behind and not know how this food tastes like? This study would be beneficial for the students in the school and for the entrepreneur students who opened the business. First the students, so that they would be aware that there are new products and much healthier snacks being sold inside the campus. Then second for the entrepreneur students so that they can be more open on what to improve more on their product and facilities. Pest analysis By Johnatchan

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