Vitality Maddie meow Sibling of Maeghan and Kenzie Likes food and cats Most conscious of world hunger and homelessness To whom happiness is stroking cats Hungry, cat deprived, TV lover Enjoys the sounds of the fridge door opening and closing Likes to wear clothing Residence of Woodway Rairdon Diamente cat Soft, sleepy Meowing, loving, purring Fur, friends, collar, whiskers Barking, running, Jumping Playful, rambunctious Dog Cinquain Dinosaurs Gone forever, Bones and dust, A memory of the, Past One word visual

Music blaring loud They walk among us, but their Heads filled with sound Terse verse Sweet, Treat Mother goose take-off Dino, Dino, not a rhino Ran away from the people, Dino ran and ran and ran some more, Till he cant be seen anymore. Epigram If you’re not working hard, You’re hardly working. Grammar Downtown, Plain and strange, Mix together, Like water and dirt, If only they would understand. Limerick There once was a girl at the market Who was looking for a little brown egg She looked not once but twice

But couldn’t never find her precious brown egg. Acrostic Sun Up Memories Music Exciting Ready tor it to tinally be summer Question What’s out there? Where do we want to go? Do we need to go? Or can we stay forever? Is there better than here? How would I know before I go? Hyperbole The extremely outrageously short man Walks his amazingly tall alpaca, To the old neighborhood grocery store. A memory o Haiku Till he can’t be seen anymore. Ready for it to finally be summer To the old neig nborn grocery store.

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