The _____ is the last six digits, of a MAC address, identifiying the manufacturers unique serial number for that NIC.
Devide ID
The first job of a NIC is called the _____ which is the aspect of the NIC that talks to the operating system, places data coming from the software into frames and creates the CRC on each frame.
The _____ layer moves packets between computers on different networks. Routers operate at this layer. IP and IPX operate at this layer as well.
The TCP/IP model lumps together the OSI model’s Layer 1 and Layer 2 into asingle layer called the Network _____.
Link Layer
The _____ layer provides tools for programs to use to access the network and the lower layers. HTTP, FTP, SMTP, and POP3 are all examples of protocols that operate at this layer.
The _____ layer defines hardware connections and turns binary into physical pulses. Repeaters and hubs operate at this layer.
A NIC may send a _____ onto the network to ask for a MAC Address.
An IP address is known as a _____ to distinguish it from the physical address, the MAC address of the MAC.
Logical Address
A charge on the wire of a NIC is one and a no charge is a _____.
A mathematical method that is used to check for errors in long streams of transmitted data with high accuracy.
Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
A ______ is basically a container for a chunk of data moving across a network.
The TCP/IP model is a _____ model.
_____ connectes each of the subnets via IP addresses instead of MAC addresses.
The _____ serves as the interface between the PC and the network.
Each interdependent network in a TCP/IP internetwork.
UDP also gets data from the Applicaton layer programs and adds port and sequencing numbers to create a container called a UDP _____.
Large networks need a _____ addressing method.
The first 24 bits of a MAC address, assigned to the NIC manufacturer by the IEEE.
Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI)
TCP _____ have many other fields that ensure the data gets to its destination in good order.
This cable, known in the networking industry as _____, usually contains four pairs of wires that can transmit and receive data.
The _____ layer manages connections between machines. NetBIOS and Sockets operate at this layer.
Basic component of communication over a network.
The _____ layer, which can also manage data encryption hides the differences among various types of computer systems.
To move past the physical MAC addresses and start using logical addressing requires some special software called a _____.
Network Protocol
Type _____ from the command prompt to display the MAC address.
The average frame carries around _____ of data.
1500 Bytes
The _____ combines features of the OSI Transport and Session layers with a dash of Application layer just for flavor.
Transport Layer
The _____ Model and the TCP/IP Model are two methods to conceptualize the many parts of a network.
All operating systems have _____ that programmers can use to make their programs network aware.
The _____ handles this part of networking connecting applications to applications.
Session Software
The _____ layer breaks data down into manageable chunks. TCP, UDP, SPX, and NetBEUI operate at this layer.
The OSI seven-layer model is the _____ model.
Uses a type of binary math called cyclic redundancy check that the receiving NIC uses to verify that the data arrived intact.
Frame Check Sequence (FCS)
Sets of clearly defined rules, regulations, standards, and procedures that enable hardware and software developers to make devices and applications that function properly at a particular level.
The _____ layer identifies devices on the Physical layer. MAC addresses are part of this layer. Bridges operate at this layer.
Data Link
Sets standards that promote equality among network designers and manufacturers.
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
The MAC address of FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF is the broadcast _____.
Key piece of hardware the network uses is a special box-like device called a _____, often tucked away in a closet or an equipment room.
A _____ address is a special firmware containing a unique identifier with a 48-bit value burned onto a NIC card.
The ______ layer should really be called the “IP packet” layer.

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