a transmission method in which a server divides users who request certain applications, such as multimedia applications, into groups. Each data stream of frames or packets is a one-time transmission that goes to multiple addresses, instead of sending a separate transmission to each address for each data stream.
A logical area on a network tat contains a listing of named objects, such as computers, and that has the ability to perform name resolution.
NetBIOS Extended User Interface (NetBEUI)
Developed by IBM in the mid eighties, this protocol incorporates NetBIOS for communications across a network.
NetWare Link(NWLink)
A Microsoft protocol designed to emulate IPX/SPX protocol communications in Windows-based operating systems.
Network Agents
Managed devices that run agent software that is in contact with the network-management station. Most devices connected to modern networks are agents. These include routers, repeaters, hubs, switches, bridges, PC’s, print servers, access servers, and uninterruptible power sources (USP’s).

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