Administrative Events
Built-in custom view in the Windows Server 2008 Event Viewer that collects Critical, Error, and Warning events from all logs on the server.
Automatic Updates
Enables you to obtain critical software updates by automatically interacting with the Windows Update Web site.
Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)
Windows service that optimizes network downloads by using idle network bandwidth.
Capture Filter
Feature of Network Monitor that will capture only the specific network traffic that you specify.
collector initiated
Subscription in which the destination computer polls the source computers to pull the relevant information.
configuration information
Specific configuration data used to determine how a server is configured and whether changes to that configuration are affecting its performance.
Content Synchronization Service
Server-side component on your organization’s intranet that retrieves the latest critical updates from the Windows Update Web site.
Data Collector Set
Configuration item that allows you to organize a set of performance counters, event traces, and system configuration data into a single “object” that you can reuse on one or more Windows Server 2008 servers.
Display Filter
Feature of Network Monitor that will display only the specific network traffic that you specify.
event trace data
Data is collected over time to provide a real-time view into the behavior and performance of the server operating systems and any applications that it is running.
CLI command used to launch the Performance Monitor MMC snap-in.
performance counters
Specific processes or events that you want to track within the Reliability and Performance Monitor.
Performance Log Users
Security group that has all the rights of the Performance Monitor Users group, plus the ability to create and modify data collector sets.
Performance Monitor
View that provides a visual display of performance counters within Reliability and Performance data.
Performance Monitor Users
Security group that allows users to view real-time and historical performance and reliability data.
promiscuous mode
Version of Network Monitor that can capture 100 percent of the network traffic available to the network interface.
Reliability and Performance Monitor
Tool located within the Administrative Tools folder that combines features that had previously been spread across a number of tools: Performance Logs and Alerts, Server Performance Advisor, and System Monitor.
Reliability Monitor
View within Reliability and Performance Monitor that provides information about system events that can affect a server’s stability.
Resource View
Default view within Reliability and Performance Monitor.
source computer initiated
Subscription in which each source computer must be configured to push the relevant information to the server that has been configured as the repository.
Windows Event Collector Service
Allows you to configure a single server as a repository of Event Viewer information for multiple computers.
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
Windows service that allows you to centralize the management of critical software updates on a Windows network.
WS-Management protocol
Protocol used by the Windows Event Collector Service to manage subscriptions and forwarded events.

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