client failback
DFS feature that allows clients to be referred to alternate servers if one server is not available and then be referred back to the most appropriate server when it comes back online.
Distributed File System (DFS)
Windows Server 2008 role that allows for a unified file namespace across multiple physical servers, as well as file replication between servers.
extended partition
Partition that can host data, but not the computer operating system.
full mesh topology
Replication model in which each member server replicates data with every other member server.
hub/spoke topology
Replication model in which a small number of central servers maintain connections with remote servers, but remote servers do not replicate directly with one another.
Single server within a DFS replication group.
multiple master replication
Replication model that can accept data writes from multiple servers, not just a single primary server.
Virtual view of shared folders on different servers as provided by the Distributed File System service.
namespace server
DFS server that stores the configuration of a particular DFS namespace.
primary partition
Partition that can host the computer’s operating system.
Remote Differential Compression (RDC)
Replication protocol used by DFS in Windows Server 2008.
replication group
Collection of DFS servers that replicate data between each other.
Server service
Windows service that allows computers to share files with other network users and computers.
single master replication
Replication model that can only accept data writes from a single primary server.
Physical servers that host data represented within a DFS namespace.

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