1. Spelling & Grammar checking can be found on which tab?


a) Home

b) Insert

c) Reference

 d) Review

Answer: d

2. What kind of line designates a misspelled word?


a) wavy green

b) wavy red

c) wavy blue

d) straight yellow



Answer: b

3. What kind of line designates a grammatical error?


a) wavy green

b) wavy red

c) wavy blue

 d) wavy purple

Answer: a

4. What kind of line designates words being used inappropriately?


a) wavy green

b) wavy red

c) wavy blue

 d) wavy purple

Answer: c

5. Where is the Proofing Error button located?


a) lower right on Status bar

b) lower left on Status bar

c) upper right on Menu bar

 d) upper left on Menu bar

Answer: b

6. From the Spelling task pane, you can do which of the following?


a) Ignore All occurrences of an error

b) Change All occurrences of an error

c) Add word to Dictionary

d) Change Dictionary’s language

 e) Undo previous changes

Answer: a

Answer: b

Answer: c

 Answer: d

7. Where can you set the preferences used during the Spelling & Grammar check?


a) Review tab, Define

b) Home tab, Select

c) File tab, Options

 d) Reference, Manage Sources

Answer: c

8. Where can you locate the dialog box to reset the spelling and grammar checker?


a) File, Options

b) Home tab, Select

c) Review tab, Define

 d) Reference, Manage Sources

Answer: a

9. Spelling check starts from what location in a document?


a) beginning

b) end

c) middle

 d) cursor

Answer: d

10. In order to set grammar styles, what button do you select in the Word Options dialog box?


a) Custom Dictionaries

b) Settings

c) Grammar & Styles

 d) AutoCorrect Options

Answer: b

11. What is the current standard number of spaces after a punctuation mark?




Answer: one

12. In order to reexamine words and grammar previously checked, what button do you select?



Answer: Recheck Document

13. A/an ___ means the opposite of a word.



Answer: antonym



14. What feature replaces symbols and commonly misspelled words?




Answer: AutoCorrect

15.  How can you can locate the AutoCorrect options?


a) Review, Define

b) File, Options, Proofing

c) File, Options, General

d) View, Macro



Answer: b

16. AutoCorrect features include which of the following?


a) capitalize first letter of sentences

b) format paragraphs

c) replace text as you type

d) replace document theme

 e) translate to desired language

 Answer: a

 Answer: d

17.  From the AutoCorrect dialog box, how do you disable AutoCorrect?


a) deselect AutoCorrect option

b) deselect Replace text as you type

c) select AutoCorrect Off option

d) deselect Automatically Use Suggestions from the Spelling Checker



Answer: b

18. When a word is added to the AutoCorrect Exception List, it is also added to the ___.



Answer: dictionary

19. From the AutoCorrect Exceptions dialog box, you can select the option to ________________.


a) automatically remove spelling errors

b) convert numbers to text

c) automatically add words to list

 d) ignore capital letters

Answer: c



20. What is one of the new Card features with Word Comments?


a) Date

b) Chat

c) Action

 d) Person

Answer: d

21. What is the view called for a little balloon that appears alongside the document?


a) Balloon Markup

b) Comment Bubble

c) Simple Markup

 d) Screen Bubble

Answer: c      

22. When a comment is marked complete, what will happen to the comment?


a) It will be deleted.

b) It will be marked done.

c) It will change color.

 d) It will remove Person Card information.

Answer: b

23. A person must sign in to their Microsoft account in order for their personal information to be displayed on the ___.

Answer: Person Card



24. On what tab is the Comments group located?



Answer: Review

25. In order to display comments on a document, what button do you select?





Answer: Show Comments

26. In order to navigate to the next comment, what button do you select?




Answer: Next

27. Comments can be displayed as balloons or ___.



Answer: Inline

28. What type of comments are hidden with the reviewer’s initials in square brackets beside the selected text?

Answer: Inline

29. What menu provides options on how comments and changes are displayed?


a) Show Comments     

b) Show Markup

c) Proofing

 d) Reviewing Pane

Answer: b



30. How do you determine if Show Comments is turned on?


a) Show Comments is highlighted.

b) Previous and Next are available.

c) Show Comments is bold.

 d) Show Comments is in the status bar.

Answer: a

31.  Under what options do you select Show All Revisions Inline?


a) Comments

b) Insertions and Deletions

c) Formatting

 d) Balloons

Answer: d

32. In order to display comments when they are inline, you position the mouse pointer over which of the following?


a) the balloon

b) the initials

c) Reviewing Pane

 d) Show Comments button

Answer: b

33. What feature tracks changes and comments and can be displayed vertically or horizontally?



Answer: Reviewing Pane

34. How do you display the original document with no markups?


a) All Markup

b) No Markup

c) Original

 d) Show Markup

Answer: c

35. What Markup changes can be disabled?


a) comments

b) ink

c) insertions and deletions

d) formatting

e) language

 f) specific people

Answer: a

Answer: b

Answer: c

Answer: d


Answer: f

36. What feature prevents anyone from turning Track Changes off?



Answer: Lock Tracking

37. In order to launch the Track Changes Options dialog box, what do you select?


a) Track Changes button

b) arrow in the Tracking group

c) Show Markup button

 d) Reviewing Pane button

Answer: b

38. Advanced Track Changes Options include which of the following?


a) when balloons are displayed

b) format of insertions and deletions changes

c) translation of content

d) color of authors changes

 e) word count

Answer: b

 Answer: d

39. Where can you locate the “changed line” when a change is made in the document?


a) outside border

b) within text

c) right border

 d) left border

Answer: a,c,d



40. When Lock Tracking is enabled, what features are not available?


a) Restrict Editing

b) Accept button

c) Reject button

 d) Word Count button

Answer: b,c

41. What options are available when tracked changes are accepted?


a) Accept and Review Previous

b) Accept and Move to Next

c) Accept All Changes

d) Accept All Changes and Stop Tracking

 e) Accept Every Other Change

Answer: b,c,d



42. Where can you easily see the number of words in a document?


a) Home

b) Menu

c) status bar

 d) Reference

Answer: c

43. What option provides a reference with similar words used to substitute for another word?



Answer: Thesaurus

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